Linda Ashby


A hobby in 2011. I spent the majority of my career teaching Middle to High School Math/Science in Florida, and later overseas supporting Military Families throughout Europe. In the summer of 2011, I went to visit my daughter Erica in Columbus GA. Erica was the current manager of a national cupcake shop. For me to spend as much time with her as possible I opted to volunteer in her store and that was when I fell in love with baking cupcakes. Erica would joke with me about being too slow to hire because her employees had to move faster in such a high stress and fast paced business. This is why Cupcakes 2 Cakes is a home-based bakery. I do not mass produce my cupcakes/cakes/cookies, which allows me to create the perfect, unique cupcake/cake/cookie for you, exactly as you imagined it. Cake decorating is truly a passion of mine and my dedication, drive, and attention to detail are what motivate me to design beautiful edible creations for your most special occasions.

Upon returning to Italy, I started baking and decorating cupcakes for friends and colleagues on a “donation” basis due to the Italian SOFA agreement that does not allow American Citizens to earn profits. I would bake cakes and cupcakes to support Military families with events such as birthdays, retirements, promotions, weddings, and many more military and non-military functions. Cupcakes for one event led to requests for more. I was happy to provide a taste of home to the military community.

I developed and expanded my flavor portfolio by baking and experimenting with different recipes and flavor combinations and taking them into school and allowing my students and fellow teachers to give constructive criticism (we all know that high school students know how to be brutally honest).

I have established myself as a phenomenal baker and I view each cake, cookie and cupcake as an individual work of art. After over 20 years of serving and teaching military families overseas I have opted to retire and move back to the United States to be closer to my grandchildren. I hope to continue to pursue my passion of baking and decorating cakes cookies and cupcakes in South Carolina.

I look forward to creating and making delicious and beautiful treats for your taste buds.

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